Taqueria Face Off in Waltham, MA

Winner: Taqueria El Amigo

Guacamole - $2! - This was good guacamole someone clearly actually made by hand. I only wish it'd been spicier.
Free chips and salsa - The chips were fairly fresh, and the salsa was spicy and flavorful, not like the shitty salsa you get at most places in New England.

4 tacos especiales de cabeza (beef cheek) - $5 - Quite good! Like pulled pork but with that added blunt force of fattiness.

Chicken enchilada con mile - Sweet mole like that place in Mexico! So good! I rarely enjoy enchiladas, and this was a big exception.
Extra hot sauce for everything

It could almost be a little place in Mexico City. It's cash only, you seat yourself, there are cute decorations and Spanish music playing. It's the most authentic place to get Mexican in Boston I've found so far.

Loser: Taqueria Mexico

Here you wait to be seated in this much larger, heavily decorated joint. It was hoppin' on a Friday night, with a mariachi band playing so loud my date and I could barely hear each other even when yelling.

Guacamole ($3), which out shades-wearing waitress forgot to bring us originally, was watery and had no peppers or heat of any kind. We didn't even finish the 3 oz portion. It seemed like it came from a bag from Stop and Shop, which maybe it was.

The tortilla chips thick, a bit too greasy, but fairly fresh.
The pico was good, but the portion we were given was tiny, and our rockstar waitress never gave us a refill.

Tacos especiales with pork ($7.95) - The pork was dry, which ruined the whole experience. There was more of that shitty guacamole.

Pollo con Mole ($11.50) - The enchilada was dry and crumbly. There was very little flavor, like it was made two hours before and then they squirted some sour cream an a drizzle of premade mole on top. Even the tomato was pale and worse than pointless.

While we waited for fifteen minutes to get the check, the damn band started up again.

My question is, what the fuck is going on with the high ratings on urbanspoon? 91% with 295 votes?

From Zagat: "the best mexican in boston area if you want autentico!!"

Sadly, that's not far from the truth, but only because Boston's Mexican scene is that bad. However, as noted above, there is better Mexican food in Boston.

From Gayot:"... And the food clinches it."

The only thing this food clinched was my asshole.

Has none of these voters ever had Mexican before? I've had more authentic Mexican food at a chipotle.

It's like an American "Chinese" restaurant. There might be a Chinese guy serving you the glop people in this country call Chinese food and taking your money, but he wouldn't eat it. I bet the people who work At Taqueria Mexico go down to Taqueria el Amigo for their dinner.

My girlfriend insists that I mention that it's not pleasant to be trapped in a car with someone after eating at TM either. "What is happening inside you?!" she called out she pulled her hoodie over her nose.

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