Tres Galeanos - Mexico City

Tres Galeanos - in Roma Norte (Obregon y Jalapa):
This was one of my most favorite places in the city. I went back three times in my 9 or 10 days there. Pictured are the ceviche tostadas. The fried leeks took made these things over the top incredible. 25 pesos each

The first time I tried to go, we encountered this adorable sign: "To our clients, sorry! We'll be back in 10 days. We went fishing!!!"
It's a small place, a hole in the wall with two tables inside and four tables across the sidewalk. After we ordered at the counter, a waiter brought us our food and cleaned up after us between dishes.
The chef sent us these shrimp soup amuse-bouches! What a classy guy! The soup was spicy, shrimpy and tasty. All of those sauces on the table were guzzle-worthy too, especially the creamy, hint-of-spicy orange one. 

The marlin burrito was amazing. This is how burritos should be. Not the ridiculous stuffed American bull shit. All the burritos are 45 to 65 pesos ($3.47-$4.95).

The camaron burrito was incredible too. My friend gave me a bite of his the first time he took me, and I immediately knew I had to come back just to get one for myself. All the burritos come with bacon and some awesome kind of slaw.

Beautiful horchata

We wound up trying almost everything on the menu, and everything was incredible. All tacos are 10-20 pesos each.

Not to mention beautiful

Even dessert was great: a hazelnut ice cream sandwich! It was so creamy.

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