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Cafe Nation

Available for use on the counter condiment-wise they have:
Fresh PepperSaltKetchupTabascoFrank's Red HotSriracha  They have a decent amount of seating, but it'll be just as full as Fuel is you go at peak weekend hours. On the plus side, they were so friendly! 

Craigie on Main

My girlfriend and I always have our eyes out for suggestions as to where to get a truly good burger in Boston, something that has proved rather elusive. We read that the Craigie on Main burger was amazing. We made a reservation and were seated in the left hand side with the open kitchen. Then when we tried to order one of their famous burgers (it's been written about, and they often run out of eighteen burgers worth of the high quality meat they have on hand each day before the evening is over), but we were told that we'd have to sit on the bar side of the restaurant in order to order a burger. We found it a little off-putting and were a little sad not to be able to sit near the open kitchen, but we are casual people and so, despite already being dressed up past our desired levels anyway, we at least enjoyed the more casual atmosphere of the bar side (more brightly lit, less stuffy). Also our waitress was cute.

Conclusion: I'm on the fence. I still want to like this place …

Turkish Airlines, On the Way Home

Previously: Adventures at the Istanbul Airport
My flight from Istanbul to NYC:

Istanbul Airport - Talking to Strangers

Previously: Tirana, Albania's little airport

Then I had several hours at Istanbul's big ol' airport. There's lots to do. You can eat sample of a dozen or so flavors of Turkish Delight at Old Bazaar (but don't buy them there as they're much cheaper anywhere else). They also somewhat aggressively sell ice cream there. You probably don't need to eat here, unless you're too good for airplane food. If you need coffee, there's a Caffe Nero and a Starbucks.
There are some really nice-looking and well-populated bars, but eating there would involve a silly, overpriced sandwich or a premade dessert.

Head on over instead to the large food court, where awaiting you is more Turkish ice cream, a Burger King, a Popeyes, Sbarros (good god), Quick Asia, Sweet Delights (random, premade, sad-looking desserts), Turkuisine ("The kitchen where East meets West), a self-serve, by-the-pound buffet situation that smelled awesome but the caloric responsibility of which i…

Tirana International Airport

Previously: Gjirokaster

Having taken a pink bus from the city to the airport and after going through security, for which there was no line, I had an hour or so to kill and was starving.

The dining choices were two (plus two more bars). Segafredo had a bit more food, but it was still a choice between a few sandwiches, a chocolate croissant that looked like it came in one of those snack bags, and apples and oranges.

Goodbye Albania!

Next up: Istanbul's much more interesting airport.