Blue Shirt Cafe

There's a large back room at Blue Shirt in Davis Square that's great for Meetup groups (when the other Meetup groups aren't too loud, that is). The food, however, is mostly boring, bland or badly executed. I've tried a lot of the food, searching for something worth paying for. It remains elusive.

The Mexican Vegetable Soup was the daily special one day. Like all the food at BS Cafe, this soup was the bland kind of thing you might have composed for yourself as a fourteen-year-old. Thank god I at least un-veganed it by accepting their offer of cheese.
The cashier told me, "I really like the Mexican soup, but I really love spicy things."
It was barely spicy at all, and I could neither taste nor spot any of the cilantro the description had promised. Supposedly it was cooked in, but fresh cilantro is the only way to go. They probably just sprinkled one of those silly cilantro shakers into a pot. Know at what age I realized that there's absolutely no flavor in those cilantro shakers? Fourteen.

The Turkey Reuben ($7.01 after tax) is the least pointless sandwich.

The Cold Fighter with Carrots, Lemon, Ginger and Garlic - The juice drink most highly recommended to me buy a cashier one day. Garlic in a juice is, as it turns out, horrible. Well, curiosity satisfied on that one.
Update: I finally found one thing: The PBJ Shake - with low fat milk (I subbed in soy for a vegan, or at least lactose intolerant friendly version), chocolate, peanut butter, bananas, and raspberry sorbet - Delicious.

There's wifi if you ask for the password.

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