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My girlfriend and I always have our eyes out for suggestions as to where to get a truly good burger in Boston, something that has proved rather elusive. We read that the Craigie on Main burger was amazing. We made a reservation and were seated in the left hand side with the open kitchen. Then when we tried to order one of their famous burgers (it's been written about, and they often run out of eighteen burgers worth of the high quality meat they have on hand each day before the evening is over), but we were told that we'd have to sit on the bar side of the restaurant in order to order a burger. We found it a little off-putting and were a little sad not to be able to sit near the open kitchen, but we are casual people and so, despite already being dressed up past our desired levels anyway, we at least enjoyed the more casual atmosphere of the bar side (more brightly lit, less stuffy). Also our waitress was cute.

The cocktail was called the Civilian ($12 for me, apparently $13 now). I'm usually excited about the description of a fun cocktail, only to find the whole thing boring or not very good, but this was an exception. It's sombra mezcal, lime, date, sour orange, thai chili and sparkling wine. I still hate paying that much for a drink, but this was tasty and different. Another option is choosing from one of their four beers of tap (always an interesting list) for $8 a pint.

This was a nice bread basket with great variety, not that you should be filling up on bread here. It would've been awesome if these had been served warm though.

Butter and salt

Terrine (18) - This was one of the better terrines I've had.

The burger we came for ($19)
A custom blend of 8 ounces of New England grass-fed beef (bone marrow and suet plus various cuts), with dehydrated miso, Shelburne Farm cheddar, lettuce and onions tossed in "burger vinaigrette" (the burger's drippings), sliced tomato (when in season), and housemade mace ketchup on a housemade milk-style bun - Thanks Eater!
We got these very thick potato wedges, but I know sometimes you'll get shoestring fries. They were actually quite crispy outside for potato wedges, and of course they were soft inside. I liked the little onion stuff on top. I'd have preferred thinner fries, but if it's this or shoestring, then this was perhaps the better option. The salad on the side was salty and very dressed. I just read that it's meant to be more optional topping for the burger, and if you're going to eat it, you should eat it on the burger because it's too salty and dressed for a side salad. I guess I should've done more research prior to eating here, but then again I shouldn't have to study before eating a burger to get it right.
It was thick, juicy, rare, and not very well seasoned for us. I read later that he wants you to order it medium rare. Maybe my girlfriend and I should give up our strong rare preference and order this one more time medium rare. As it was, we were underwhelmed.

There's usually or always some kind of Pork Three Ways on the menu ($36).
When we went it was Suckling Confit, Spice-crusted Rin, and Slow-roasted Neck with Red Cabbage, Farro, Carrots and Maitake Mushrooms.
 One was fine, one was good, one melted in your mouth. All the accompaniments were great.

Cute little complimentary dessert
The dessert menu is fabulous looking. Try to save room.

Conclusion: I'm on the fence. I still want to like this place and thus want to give the food one more chance, though my girlfriend has declared it a dud already. I don't think she understands her own brain's influence on her. I think that once they told us we had to move to the bar side to get the burger, it was all over for her and CoM. She just wasn't going to like their food much after being made to feel like a second class patron.

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