From Albania to Greece: Stopping in Pogradec, Albania

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After getting back to Tirana and resting for a day, I went with two different people for a trip to Greece. Driving from Tirana, Albania to Kalabaka, Greece, we stopped just outside Pogradec, Albania at a little restaurant on Lake Ohrid.

Beautiful views from our table

As per usual in this country: simple, light, airy white bread, probably no nutrition

On the other hand, the Salade Domate Kastrovec, a tomato, cucumber, and olive medley with one piece of lemon and lettuce, was quite refreshing and light, made with good quality fruits.

I ordered this fish because it was called a Koran. We have no idea what kind of fish it was (turns out it's endemic trout to Lake Ohrid, tasting like a cross between a brown trout and Atlantic salmon), but it was one of the most delicious fish I've ever eaten, simply grilled, not overly oiled, deliciously fatty but still lean. Too bad it also turns out it's in danger of extinction due to overfishing.

Next up: Kalabaka and Meteora

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