Kovacebik: On the way from Mostar to Sarajevo

Previously: Cevapi eating competition

We stopped at a restaurant called Kovacebik, somewhere along what I think is called Jablanica Lake.

Gorgeous view

Bosnian Coffee - Unless you want a Nescafe!


I ordered beef soup but they brought me chicken soup, probably because two other people in my group ordered chicken soup and this way they could use one three-serving packet of instant chicken noodle soup for all of us. The beef obviously would've been the same kind of crap anyway, so I guess the mix up part wasn't really the problem. But they also forgot the salad I ordered. So then I thought what the fuck, I'll try their burger, just to see what a shitty Bosnian burger would be like.

Answer: shitty. The beef, which may or may not have been beef, must come from the cheapest part of a cow (and/or whatever). It was like a hockey puck with beef seasoning.

As always, I should've ordered a fish.

There was that Tufahija again! But no one wanted to order it here to find out what it was.

Next up: Sarajevo

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