Stopping to Eat between Sarajevo and Tirana in Niksico, Montenegro

Earlier: Sarajevo's international restaurants

We stopped at a little place that we could only tell was a restaurant because of the little chef figure.


We entered and found a clean room, a fireplace going and a TV showing what looked to be a horrible 70s film dubbed into Serbian, but the place was empty. After a couple of minutes a man we had seen working in a nearby field came in, took off his work overalls, called his mother, and then greeted, took our orders and prepared our food in tandem with his mom, while smoking.

Free bread: warm, soft, light and pretty tasty

Serbian salad: chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, and hot banana peppers - This hit the spot, being all fresh and good quality after all the crap I'd been eating. I should always have such a light, healthful, easy and large appetizer before meals.

Popeci - atraditional Serbian dish - pork stuffed with eggs, ham, oil - This was the best fried ham Twinkie of the trip. These were also the best fries of the trip hands down - we could smell the real potatoeyness across the table.

Next up: Progradec, on our way from Albania to Greece

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