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State Park Opens in Kendall Square

I've been racking my brain and the internet, but I cannot think of the name I've heard for the sort of restaurant where they do cheap and/or down home types of food and drinks but with gastro flare and, of course, gastro chic prices. For that is State Park, Hungry Mother (ecstatic review from me coming soon!) owner John Kessen's new venue, this time even more casual. There's a short and somewhat withholding menu of Southern Food, or, maybe it should just be called Kentuckian, from what I can figure.

It's a large space with tables of various sizes in a few different rooms, a bar, a pool table, a shuffleboard, and two pinball machines.

The Cornmeal Catfish ($12.50) is a large pile of fried strips and chunks of catfish, served with a few hush puppies. The Beer Nuts ($4) looked good. We learned the Hoppin' John with Potlikker ($9.50) is a soup with black-eyed peas, collards, hams, and more. The Kentucky Hot Brown ($13) is an open-face sandwich (or, perhaps more acc…

Bull City Burger & Brewery

I had a plan for a lot of the places I wanted to eat in Durham, but stopping by Bull City Burger and Brewery was a whim, the best freakin' whim ever. This sign got our attention for its cuteness. Then we looked at the day's specials menu taped to the door.

When I went down to order our food, the very nice cashier (Oh the South, sigh...) asked me if we wanted pickles as appetizer. She also asked if I wanted a knife and an extra plate for my burger since she knew from seeing Shana and me order our beers together that there were two of us and guessed that we were sharing it.

Rise: Waistline Demise/I want to Marry this Place

You'd never think Durham's best breakfast place would be in a stupid strip mall, but it is. Ready for some food porn?

Best Drunk Food - Chapel Hill