Miami Airport - Terminal D Food Option

La Carreta is a great option for quick airport dining, especially if your gate is near D37. It's a buffet-style, point to your dishes type of place, so you can get in and out in time to catch your plane.

Some kind of chicken and rice dish topped with a medley of peas, peppers, eggs, mayo and more with a side of plantains - Yum! In case you can't tell, the pile the lady served me was enormous.

A chicken tamale and boiled yuca with some kind of buttery chicken brother gravy on it - The tamale was actually pretty good, with significant meat in it! The yuca with the gravy situation was tasty too!

Try the Chili Willy hot sauce from Belize. Mm mm ow!

The total for both meals was $15.80 after tax, also not bad at all for airport meals. As we were finishing, a man was coming around to all the tables and handed us mints and toothpicks! This is easily one of the best airport dining situations I've encountered. They had many delicious options here too, and if only we'd had a few more minutes, we'd have swung by Concourse D on our way back from Nicaragua too.

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