Rise: Waistline Demise/I want to Marry this Place

You'd never think Durham's best breakfast place would be in a stupid strip mall, but it is. Ready for some food porn?
Chicken and Biscuit ($4) with honey (+$.50): Unreasonably good. The biscuit was generically wonderful, but the chicken was crispy juicy perfection.  The first time we came, we got two donuts and one biscuit sandwich. My girlfriend and I were basically fighting over bites of this while deciding we had to come back the next day for more.

 The next day I got a pimento cheese and an over easy (specify it) egg fried chicken biscuit sandwich. You must get this combo. The pimento cheese was all melty and ran all over the place with the egg. Fuuuuck me. I want to live here.
My girlfriend introduced me to the concept of (Duke's) mayo and honey on a chicken biscuit. Good concept indeed.

Fried chicken on biscuit with local hoop cheese, a mild cheddar. They have a daily local cheese option :]

Potato hash cake ($1.75): Like a latke with cheese in it. Also terribly good. It is clear that if we did live here, we would have to agree to let ourselves go.

"Oh are there donuts too?" you ask. Yes, yes there are.

Maple bacon bar

The donuts are sweet and dense, much like Krispy Kreme's or Dough's or Doughnut Plant's. 
Cronie: delicious, loved the raspberry, though I'm not sure how much croissant nature is left

The orange cream curd filled was intense. Whoa. Still, the priority should really be the fried chicken biscuit sandwiches. After you've had every combination, maybe mix in a donut every now and then.

Just wanted you to get a sense of the cuteness of the place -  There's even a bookshelf with mostly cooking books and children's books and toys. The only tiny thing is that they don't have ice and their sparkling water is pretty flat. So maybe pick get an iced coffee on the way on a hot day.

Let's just look at a fried chicken and honey on a biscuit one more time. Ohhhh ho ho.

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