Lofthouse Cookies

You know those soft sugar frosting cookies?

These things?
God these things are good, huh? I hadn't had them in years - since high school, perhaps - until the other weekend when I bought a pack of the new mini-cookie option.

Terrific! Nowadays I'm older, better about my gluttony problem, and not sharing these things at a church dance or whatever. Thus, this package has been lasting my girlfriend and I awhile, so that I have had the opportunity to note the subtle change in flavor and texture over the course of 11 days with them. There was a definite change from day 7 to 8, but they still don't taste spoiled. Their expiration date was about a month and a half after the day we bought them, so you know they're chalk full of preservatives. Anything that lasts that long is not made from stuff that comes from the Good Lord, no, no that's from our mad scientists. Anyway after day 8, they go really well with peanut butter and/or Trader Joe's new Speculoos Cookie & Cocoa Swirl.

Get out your spoon!

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