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Kendall Square

Drinks & Watching the Game:
Lord Hobo - Review Coming

Movie Theatre:
I love the Kendall Square Cinema. I don't have a lot to say about it culinarily (other than: skip the brownies and those stupid vegan cookies and they do have some different snack choices. Well I guess also they have a station for doctoring their popcorn with 8-10 different flavors of coating, though I kind of think that always tends to be gross. Anyways there's enough really good food to eat in the area that there's no need to go hungry.)

Places I've Been Underwhelmed By: Emma's Pizza Catalyst
Places I haven't tried yet that I've heard great things about: The Friendly Toast Helmand Blue Room Area Four

Jamaica Plain

Coffee Shop with The Best Espresso: 7 Pond Coffee Bar - Coming soon, but it's basically the same as Cafe Fixe

Cafes for Working:

Brunch: Not sure yet - Suggestions? I'm thinking probably Tres Gatos.

Foodie Menu:

Diner Food:

Beers: The Brendan Behan (Cash Only, They don't have food, but you can bring some in. Best draft beer selection in JP)

Dinner and Drinks:
Dinner and Entertainment:

Outdoor Dining:
Bella Luna

All Star

All Star Sandwich Bar in Cambridge's Inman Square

Please Open a Coffee Shop in Roslindale

Here's the situation. There used to only be two places in Roslindale that had any espresso at all. One was the Roslindale location of Sugar Bakery. It was more of a brunch spot, though. When my girlfriend and I went in to the bakery section and ordered an americano and a double espresso to go, they had all the supplies for the operation, but the woman didn't know how to do any of it. She kept saying she had to charge us $7.50 for Shana's americano. When we finally got our drinks, the espresso was so burnt that Shana threw it away. They recently closed. What a great spot for an awesome bakery/REAL coffee shop!
The other was a strange cafe called Select Cafe that sold bitter, burnt espresso, shitty pastries that seemed to have come from WalMart, and some ice cream that, as far as I could tell, no one had ordered in about seven years. I always assumed it was a front of some kind since there didn't seem to be any way they were staying in the black on that. They just went …

African in Roslindale

Roslindale's interesting options of anything are pretty limited, so I find it pretty cool that there's an African restaurant right in Rozzie Square. SuyaJoint may be Roslindale's coolest option.

For the entrees, you choose one of five types of fufu ("a dumpling made from pounded grain and served with a soup for dipping"), one of five soups, and one of four meats.

That menu design makes me want to come back and try more combinations until I've had each of the components at least one, perhaps ultimately coming to a conclusion of the ultimate combo. Also I still want to try several appetizers and sides. The restaurant itself is delightful, not too big or small, not too loud or dark or obnoxious, not hard to get in, great service, fun decor, really just the nicest kind of experience. I guess Roslindale has its perks.

Monday to Thursday: 4:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Friday and Saturday: 11:30 am - 11:00 pm
Sunday: 3 - 8 pm

My Favorite Hangover Cure - Deep Ellum

As you'll see, Deep Ellum's specialty is their piles of food. And piles of meaty, cheesy, sauce- and often egg-covered goodness is a very pleasing way to sop up some drinkin'.

I've finally tried it at night too, which was also great.