African in Roslindale

Roslindale's interesting options of anything are pretty limited, so I find it pretty cool that there's an African restaurant right in Rozzie Square. Suya Joint may be Roslindale's coolest option.

We had to order the Nkwobi - "Spicy cow feet cooked and served with a rich chili gravy. Considered a delicacy" ($7.75)  - Mostly they were chewy in a way I don't like and you probably don't either, but some had in meaty, edible bits in the middle, and the spice level was nice. But no, I wouldn't order it again.

Fried sweet plantains ($3): My favorite part about the cow feet dish was dipping the fried plantains in the gravy.

Moi moi ($3) - "A bean cake made from black-eyed peas blended with peppers and onions and steamed until well done. Great for vegetarians." Skip the cow feet and just do this for an appetizer.

Tusker - a South African beer ($5): It smelled almost like a cider, with a sweet malty taste.

For the entrees, you choose one of five types of fufu ("a dumpling made from pounded grain and served with a soup for dipping"), one of five soups, and one of four meats.

My girlfriend decided on the pounded yam, chicken, and taushe ("Peanut stew with vegetables and a blend of herbs and Nigerian spices" - $12.50) -  The pounded yam was like a big ball of mashed potatoes. The chicken was succulent, and we fought over the peanut sauce.

On the other hand, was the combination I chose was beef, amala fufu (made from dried yam), and ogbono ("Crushed seeds of African mango are cooked in oil, onions, and a blend of herbs and Nigerian spices for this sumptuous stew" - $12.50).

 Upon ordering ogbono, our waitress told me it was an acquired taste and asked if that was okay. I thought it was funny that she didn't hesitate when we ordered the feet but warned us about this one. And it was totally slimy and funny tasting. And the beef is tough and funky. 

The dried yam wasn't quite as tasty as the regular. It was more bitter and had less of the nice potatoey flavor the pounded yam had.

That menu design makes me want to come back and try more combinations until I've had each of the components at least one, perhaps ultimately coming to a conclusion of the ultimate combo. Also I still want to try several appetizers and sides. The restaurant itself is delightful, not too big or small, not too loud or dark or obnoxious, not hard to get in, great service, fun decor, really just the nicest kind of experience. I guess Roslindale has its perks.

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Monday to Thursday: 4:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Friday and Saturday: 11:30 am - 11:00 pm
Sunday: 3 - 8 pm

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