Bored? Find your local Mexican Asian Grocery Store

We had some time to kill before our flight back to good fried chicken-less Boston, and at first my girlfriend didn't understand why I'd want to spend it wandering the aisles of this ghetto-looking Food World (401 E. Lakewood Avenue, Durham NC 27707 inside Heritage Square Shopping Center).

"You'll see!" said I.

Pig's Feet! All that for $3.57!

Mondongo or Tripe

Miscellaneous! $1.60 - what a steal!

Cocoyam (Taro) leaves, cooked kittely (closest information I could find online is that you can buy dried kittely on Amazon)

Kobo? Oh, Uong, of course. Is this sugarcane? The eReader Kobo makes my research difficult.

African Black Soap or Alata Samina

Karela (Bitter Melon) Juice and Tastee Cheese

Canned Sugar Cane, Jack Fruit and Young Green Jack Fruit

Holy bananas! Even at Trader Joe's, where they only started selling coconut oil about two years ago, coconut oil is $5.99 for 16 oz. Here, where they've probably been selling it since forever, it's $5.99 for 25 oz.

Imported beers, several of which Whole Foods and wherever don't carry.

Dried Bellflower Root, and Dried Red Pepper Leaves (Well-being Food)

Where do you buy your Dried Fernbracken?

You think edible flowers are some foodie trend from a few years ago? Only for white people. Frozen Loroco Flowers and Frozen Pito Flowers

It went on and on. I'll leave you with this. Fried whole fish, jaws agape.

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