Brooklyn Gets Kolaches!

When I lived a block away from this location, it was a simple coffee shop with mean baristas. Now there are happy, friendly people making the kolaches I regularly enjoyed during my Texas childhood. 

They have tons of options, though if you're like me, you can just ignore the fruity shit and snatch up the meaty cheesy options.

Chorizo egg and cheese kolache - The chorizo was the ground chorizo of Texas breakfast tacos that I'm always searching for in The Northeast! The Jalapeño egg and cheese so cheesy and had perfect pickled jalapeños. They heated up the kolaches for us perfectly and served them with mustard and I what I think was Valentino sauce. My one qualm is that the dough is not as light and fluffy as it should be, possibly from being a little overworked. They'd only been open a short time when I tried them; I'd like to think they're working out the kinks.

They also sell all the essential espresso and coffee drinks as well as hibiscus iced tea. They even have almond milk.

There's a piano! And tons of space in the back! And awesome weird works of art on the walls!

And an outside patio! I love cafes.

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