Jamaica Plain

Coffee Shop with The Best Espresso:
7 Pond Coffee Bar - Coming soon, but it's basically the same as Cafe Fixe

Cafes for Working:
Ula Cafe - Pictured


Not sure yet - Suggestions? I'm thinking probably Tres Gatos.

The Haven - Also the best burger in Boston and one of my all-time top 5 burgers

Foodie Menu:
Bella Luna - Pictured
Tres Gatos - Review coming
Ten Tables

Diner Food:

The Brendan Behan (Cash Only, They don't have food, but you can bring some in. Best draft beer selection in JP)

Dinner and Drinks:
Bella Luna - The beer selection is kind of lame, but they do fun cocktails if you're into that shit.
Canary Square - More review coming - Good beer list, food is usually good.

Dinner and Entertainment:
Bella Luna - Monday Trivia, Dance nights, Comedy nights, and more

Outdoor Dining:
Tres Gatos - What's better than tapas on a patio? Also live music Saturdays at 11 am and Mondays at 9 pm, and of course Tres Gatos is also a record shop and book store.

Other options:
James' Gate - Some people think the food here is good. To me, the nachos are indeed huge, but they're not very good. They do have a nice patio, and I love a good Old Speckled Hen.

Quick Meal:


Vegetarian and Vegan:
Blue Nile - Pictured
Vee Vee - Vegan Wednesdays, but there are everyday vegan options too
FOMU - Vegan ice cream

Other Cuisine of Interest - Cuban:
Bella Luna - Open till 11 on Fridays and Saturdays, 10 on others

FOMU - Vegan ice cream, lots of coconut milk ice cream flavors, including funky ones


Haven't Tried Yet:
Vee Vee
Ten Tables
Centre Street Cafe
Centre Street Sanctuary
Miami Cafe
Dogwood Cafe
Caffe Aromi

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