Kendall Square

Coffee / Cafe to Get Work Done At:
Voltage - That's an easy call.

Dinner / Dinner and Drinks:
Hungry Mother: This is now my favorite restaurant in the Boston area. And you can be as casual as you want!

Drinks & Watching the Game:
Lord Hobo - Review Coming

Quick Meal / Sandwich:
Bon Me has a location in Kendall Square now!

Movie Theatre:

I love the Kendall Square Cinema. I don't have a lot to say about it culinarily (other than: skip the brownies and those stupid vegan cookies and they do have some different snack choices. Well I guess also they have a station for doctoring their popcorn with 8-10 different flavors of coating, though I kind of think that always tends to be gross. Anyways there's enough really good food to eat in the area that there's no need to go hungry.)

Places I've Been Underwhelmed By:

Places I haven't tried yet that I've heard great things about:
The Friendly Toast
Blue Room
Area Four

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