My Favorite Hangover Cure - Deep Ellum

As you'll see, Deep Ellum's specialty is their piles of food. And piles of meaty, cheesy, sauce- and often egg-covered goodness is a very pleasing way to sop up some drinkin'.

Braised pork shoulder with corn bread mustard aioli with a fries egg ($9) - A perfectly runny yolk, delicious slightly sweet cornbread, all soaked through with the sauce from the pork. So much pork, yum yum yum. The mustard aioli was a great compliment (as were the smoked tomato aioli and the truffle gorgonzola sauce, see below).

Truffle Gorgonzola Fries ($7) - The truffle is nicely much more subtle than that of most place's silly truffle fries. It's a huge pile of fries covered in a creamy sauce, with huge chunks of Gorgonzola. Like fries Alfredo.

Don't forget your dipping aiolis! No, gorgonzola truffle cream sauce isn't enough for my fries, not if I can have aiolis! The smoked tomato aioli and mustard aioli (honey mustard-ish) are both delicious and can and should be combined with all dishes.

The fresh air and sunlight you can get on the backyard patio are also helpful to get you back to the land of the awake.

Swissbakers Fresh Pretzel ($6): soft, hot, yeasty, salty, wonderful
Whole grain mustard: you know what whole grain mustard is.
Warm Harpoon stout cheese (+$2): really stouty, a little sour, a little too sour for me

Red flannel hash: Another pile! This one slightly more healthful but almost as amazing. It's roasted beets, potatoes, bell peppers, corned beef brisket and two fried eggs ($10). Hopefully you have a food partner who is happy to go halfsies on two of these breakfasts with you, so you can mix it all up together into a big, beautifully ugly pile.

I've even ordered this BBQ breakfast pile twice, which I almost never do! It makes me want to get trashed tonight just so I can go get this tomorrow. 
This could be the best chicken-fried steak in town.

I've finally tried it at night too, which was also great.

There are imports, local beers, and a rotating cask.

Root Beer-braised Pork Belly, with a parnsip-yuzu puree, apple kimchi and toasted peanuts (just $10): Delicious, fun, reasonable portion and price. I love this place.

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Duck confit hash: good, but just not as good as the BBQ breakfast, for instance
The burger ($13) - My future ex-wife and burger connoisseuse partner had had the burger here and found it to be one of Boston's less disappointing burgers. Sadly, this time it was a different story. The bun was too thick and almost stale. The onion jam and cheese and beef were all just too greasy. Worst of all, the middle was raw, so whoever was making the burgers that day didn't know how to cook a rare properly. Inconsistency, sigh, now we can never trust Deep Ellum for a burger ever again. Ah well, order the piles of yumminess.

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