Back Bay Social Club

I used to walk by this place every day on the way to and from work, feeling jealous of the people dining outside in the good weather but also thinking it seemed douchey to call a restaurant a Social Club. People kept telling me their burger was outstanding, so last summer, my girlfriend and I came out to explore the claims.

Chicken sandwich ($12) was breaded in what seemed like Progresso Italian bread crumbs. The meat was all white tenderloin, most bites were actually rubbery, like frozen chicken that had been microwaved. The fries were too greasy and under-seasoned.

The ($22) burger came raw at first.

We sent it back and got a good rare. The bun was great: soft but a little crispy. The burger was juicy, and the "smothered onions and sharp cheddar" (the only toppings) were flavorful and great, but the meat had that oily, dull flavor instead of a rich, meaty flavor, and it just didn't live up to great burger standards.

In positive news, how cute are the boards and fry bags? The chipotle mayo was decent to dip the greasy fries in.
Also, the Pickled Bloody Mary ($12) was great. I can recommend enjoying one of these outside on a beautiful day.

Conclusion: The burger is not as good as people claim, and the rest of the food sucked. You're paying for the location - outdoor seating on Boylston Street (though I hate the Back Bay, but if you're into people-watching business men and the homeless, this is the spot).

I guess if you're the kind of person it appeals to to eat at a place called a Social Club, you deserve to be pay out the ass for crap. Speaking of which, while we were there, the rest of the patio was filled with two dozen douches from FSU. I'm talking jocks and their barely-clothed female companions (cheerleaders and/or girlfriends, I assume).

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