Redd's in Rozzie

Whether you come for the outdoor dining in the good months or to watch the game in the shitty ones, you can always get fun, tasty food and choose from a good selection of drinks and count on friendly service.

They usually have at least one nitro beer on tap, which makes me an instant fan.

They also do fun cocktails here, $9 each, which is sadly less expensive than most cocktails these days.

This seafood extravaganza had it all: lobster, scallops, crab, mussels and oysters.

And then they gave us these cute something-or-other cornmeal cookies as our little complimentary dessert. Their dessert menu actually also looks really good.

Basically, the food is middling to good, but they keep the menu fun and the prices reasonable. Even if you're a real food snob, you can enjoy this place for its drinks and patio.

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