Boston's Only Really Good Burger - The Haven

I love The Haven. It's the home of the only truly good burger my girlfriend and I have been able to find in Boston, joining the ranks of my top 5 favorite burgers of the USA.

Make a reservation. This place is popular.

There's a complimentary appetizer that's some kind of unsweetened oatmeal cake, served with salted butter.

The Amazing Food:

The Burger ($14) - 8 oz. grilled beef chuck, Hunstman cheese, house bacon-onion marmalade, house pickle sauce, arugula, farm tomato, chips: That Hunstman cheese (a version of which you can buy at Trader Joe's, by the way) is so good. It melts into the burger and tastes a lot like pub cheese, in the best way, which tangy wonder blends with the sweetness of the onion jam and the beef juice to just knock you back with pleasure. They do a perfect rare here (send it back if they eff it up. It's worth it to get this thing in perfect condition). It's so good. I also appreciate the hotdog-size fries.

Cross-section of burger
Truffled honey mashed rutabaga ($5 if ordered as a separate side): Meh, skip this.

Fish Supper ($16) - Beer-battered haddock, hand cut big chips, minted mushy peas and house tartar sauce: The fish was excellent. The minty peas were more like a mint pea tabbouli. 

White Pudding Sassitch and Mash ($17) - House-made chicken sausage, with braised kale, roasted parsnip, herbed mash and roasted chicken jus: Don't burn your mouth in excitement when this comes out of the kitchen scalding hot. I'm not the biggest sausage link fan, but this was one of the exceptions. And the mashed potatoes are so yummy and the parsnips so fun, that you ought to order this some time, at least if you're with someone who'll split this meal and a burger with you.

Pickled Pear and Shaved Ayr Salad: Pears with Vermont Ayrshire Cheddar, Shaved Fennel and Shallot Vinaigrette ($8): A delightful, healthful salad to compliment your Scottish meal

Good, Not Great Food:

Vegetable Bridies ($7) - with oyster mushrooms, caramelized onion, roasted garlic and rosemary
-Minty mashed peas
-Truffled Honey Rutabaga

They have a fun beer selection comprised in part by a few old-fashioned Scottish recipes.
There's the Haven Heather Ale (from Notch Session Brewery) - They say it's from a recipe from 4k years ago, cute, but we’ve improved the recipes since then in my book.
Tennents Lager - Not my favorite kind of lager, almost like Balkan lagers
Summary of what to order:
-The Burger
-The Fish Supper
-Hand-cut chips
-Herb or STILTON (holy shit, just saw this on the menu) Mashed potatoes
And some fun draft beers!

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