Monday, March 3, 2014

My Go To Sushi Spot in Boston: The Oishii in Chestnut Hill

You have to dress up a bit for the Oishii in The South End, and it has a menu that forces you to spend a lot of money. At the Oishii in Chestnut Hill, they have some of the fun, weird, expensive items (often involving foie gras), but they also have normally priced rolls. The quality of the sushi is very high, but it's much more casual here.

The Mango Roll with shrimp, cucumber, mango, and asparagus covered with spicy crisp tuna and tobiko ($15) is one of our favorites rolls.

Tuna Tata - minced fatty tuna with some kind of wasabi sauce and white gold caviar ($18) - Those caviar were so supple, and the tuna is fresh, and there's a lot of it. It's all just so good.

Baby Hamachi Sashimi - with jalapeno peppers, spicy radish and soy sauce ($20) - Once again, one of their simpler dishes is one of their best.

Tuna Chip: Great, but not a favorite. The other tuna dishes have more flavor. 

White Tiger (Left): One of my favorites here, love the mayo
Spicy Crispy Maki (Right): Good but a little dry, could use a little jalapeƱo and some of the mayo sauce from the White Tiger

Brad's Torched Maki ($16): Really good as always, but not a favorite (at some point I just use this blog so I remember what I've tried and like best).
Left: Amy's Maki ($16): Great but not a favorite
Right: White Tiger again yum yum yum

Left: Elias Maki - with unagi, tuna, cucumber, avocado, and tobiko ($11) - Good but a little mushy
Right: Paula's Maki - with salmon, wasabi rose and avocado inside and salmon, tuna and lemon outside ($14) - Good, but only use half the lemon

Bluefin Maguro (Tuna) 2 pieces ($9): Amazing
Bluefin Toro (fatty tuna) (MP $11 the time I ordered it): Really good, though the fatty taste is nice, it's true it doesn't have as much flavor as the lean tuna

Sometimes I like to try new fish, and this is a trustworthy place to do it.

The Hokigai or Red clam - ($4.50 for 2 pieces sushi) was chewy-rubbery. It looks like, and has slightly more flavor than, a blanket.

Rachel's Sushi - scallops topped with tobiko, Japanese mayo and lemon ($8 for sushi as seen above, or $11 for sashimi) was so tender! Those particular toppings perfectly melt right into the soft scallop morsel.
The Saba/Mackerel ($2.75 for two pieces) sushi scene above in the bottom right was fishy and pointless.

Their Tamago ($4.50), on the other hand, was by the far the best I've ever had. It was sweet, and the texture was very smooth, sort of flan-like, which I guess makes sense.

Kinnoko Soup: Get this for a sick day. Unlike an immediate bowl of miso soup, this takes about fifteen minutes to make and makes at least four servings.

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