The Biggest/Awesomest Lobster Roll in New England

For $26, this beautiful, enormous wonder can be yours. Come Good Friday (April 18th, 2014), that is.

If they hadn't left the bread unbuttered and un-toasted, it would have been the perfect lobster roll, just fresh-as-fuck lobster with a little mayo and salt.

 I've never had to use the phrase "too much lobster" before. My girlfriend couldn't finish hers. 
Unable to let a pound of lobster go to waste, I fished hers for her. By not eating most of the pointless bread, I had room for the 4 or 5 lbs of lobster meat I ate that afternoon. On a backyard patio on a hot day after the beach, an ice cold Harpoon IPA ($4.50) washes the lobster feast down very nicely.

What are all these cute drinks? A Pinkie? A Baby Guinness? I'll come back and find out this April!

$2 Cherry Bomb - with cherries that have been soaking in vodka for a year

Don't fill up on the free cracker mix. You have too much lobster to eat for that! Though I suppose if you stay here long enough drinking those cute cocktails, this may come in handy.

Soon soon soon soon

P.S. Don't be alarmed when your poop is orange the next morning, that's just what lobster poop looks like.

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