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Veggie Galaxy - Why does everyone like this place?

I love a good vegetarian restaurant. Veggie Galaxy isn't one. Look,  I get it. I wanted to like it too.

The burger was enjoyable-ish but not something I'd ever order again. One step up from a properly cooked Dr. Praeger's burger. Perhaps the Black Bean Burger is better.


Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake - Too sweet, like a sugary, child's peanut butter treat.

If you insist on or are for to eat here, I suggest getting the Rachel (I tried a few bites of a friend's once) with red cabbage slaw as your side. If you have to do dessert, the Snickers Cheesecake was the least offensive.



The Top 8 Lobster Rolls in or Near Boston

It's lobster roll season! Halle-fucking-lujah! Here's my guide to Boston's best lobster roll options. I haven't by any means tried them all. It's a work in progress. Please feel free to add suggestions where I can get the perfect lobster roll experience.

8. Cisco Brewers (Gates B & E of Logan Airport):

7. Faith's Seafood Shack in Aquinnah: 

6.  Kelly's Roast Beef (in Revere Beach, Natick/Framingham, and more):

5. Menemsha Fish Market:

4. Neptune Oyster

Holy Hungry Mother of God

I'm no longer sure Russell House Tavern is my favorite restaurant in the Boston area. Hungry Mother is amazing.

Book a reservation or get there (Tuesday-Sunday) early, by 5:10, to grab a seat in the bar area. Their dress code, straight from the front page of their website is, "Please wear clothing; proper attire not required." Now that's my kind of place.

They have four beers on tap, but they're always an interesting assortment. There are of course also fun cocktails and a nice list of whiskey, etc.

Any food you order is a safe bet, but here are some highlights from my experiences:

Also, they will pick up discounted movie tickets for you for Kendall Square Cinema next door. That makes for a great date night.