Best Quick Meal in Brookline

Like maybe you just went to Trader Joe's and you want to eat a delicious meal on your way home without your Joe Joe's 'n' Cream melting. Enter Shawarma King. Though, I should say it's totally worth going a little out of your way for too. I'm not sure if there's a better Shawarma place in Boston.

Beef kibbi ($5.99): so good, with fresh parsley, onions, tomatoes, yummy pickles, and delicious ground meat with cinnamon and nutmeg, which makes it taste like Christmas

Chicken shawarma ($5.99): almost as good as the beef kibbi

I'm not a big falafel fan, but my girlfriend is and likes the falafel here.

Jallab (or raisin date rose water) with almond shreds ($2.99): This is so good It's almost my favorite thing about this place (except that the beef kibbi is too good for that). It's not as sweet as you'd fear, kinda tastes like a head shop. After a few bites of kibbi with their awesome hot sauce (I ask for a side of it when I go), it's so wonderful to have this cold, sweet, flavor blast to sip.

Lemonade with rose water ($1.99): The rose water is a tasty twist, though the jallab is better.

Want a side? Have some of their lemony lentil soup. Add a little salt and pepper, and it's quite good.

There is a restroom in the back; just ask.

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