#3 in Boston: Douzo

A medium-sized sushi restaurant in the Back Bay, Douzo is, so far, my favorite sushi in Boston.

Start your meal with the Octopus Ceviche with red onions, yellow peppers, some jalapenos, tomatoes for $12 

Up to this point in my life, this was the most I'd ever enjoyed octopus. The texture was just so much better than anywhere else I'd had it. All the wonderful flavors were balanced and mixed well. It was a perfect light appetizer.

  You must get the Torch Roll (in the back) with avocado, cucumber, and spicy mayo, wrapped with seared yellowtail with a touch of yuzu sauce and tobiko - 8 pieces - $16.95

The torchy flavor from the yellowtail sear was amazing with the salty tobiko, creamy mayo and avocado and the little crunch of cucumber. Close your eyes and bask in the near perfection of the harmonious flavor orgy of this roll.

Better still was the Crunchy Roll with cucumber, spicy tempura crumbs, wrapped with tuna and salmon, topped with mango sauce, ikura, and tobiko

 This one had that torchy flavor too, and it was actually slightly too heavy on that fire camp taste, but it was still so fucking goddamn good, especially the pieces with the beautiful tuna. My date was definitely getting laid.


In fact, she and I are now engaged. And we've been back to Duozo together.

I think their grilled corn ($6.59) is even better than Toro's.

Scallop Kiwi roll ($14.50): Amazing, 9.5/10
Coconut Eel Roll ($15.95): Not as good, not enough flavor, 6.5/10
Tiger Roll ($14.50) Great! Something was a little too chewy for perfect sushi flavor explosion cohesion though, 8.5/0 

Banana Tempura Dessert ($7.95) with fresh bananas flash fried in tempura batter topped with Mandarin oranges, ginger syrup, chocolate sauce, candied walnuts and vanilla ice cream: Like a banana split, if they fried the bananas. Well played.

If you can afford it, get the $42 bottle of silky sake. Damn, it's smooth and sweet. 

My one issue with Duozo is the ambiance. At least at dinner time, they dim the lights a little lower and play the top 40 hits a little louder than I'd prefer, but the sushi is so good that perhaps it's best not to distract each other with conversation.

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