Holy Hungry Mother of God

I'm no longer sure Russell House Tavern is my favorite restaurant in the Boston area. Hungry Mother is amazing.

Book a reservation or get there (Tuesday-Sunday) early, by 5:10, to grab a seat in the bar area. Their dress code, straight from the front page of their website is, "Please wear clothing; proper attire not required." Now that's my kind of place.

They have four beers on tap, but they're always an interesting assortment. There are of course also fun cocktails and a nice list of whiskey, etc.

Any food you order is a safe bet, but here are some highlights from my experiences:

You have to start with the amazing cornbread with sweet sorghum butter (pictured: small ($4); also available in large($8)). It's crispy outside, soft in.
I'm not going to bother telling you what all these dishes are since the menu changes all the time and you probably won't be able to get these exact things. Trust me, this was all some delicious shit.


Garlic Soup with Benton's Ham, a soft-cooked egg, baguette croutons and bourbon barrel smoked paprika ($10)

And another perfect egg! Another amazing, deep, harmonious masterpiece.

Wagyu Beef Tongue au jus with baguette toast, dijon, and Robinson Swiss ($7)
Basically, the lesson here is to focus on the appetizers rather than the mains, which are good but usually not as fun and delicious and which, of course, cost more.

Save room for dessert. Those are always different too. Some are definitely better than others. This pie was one of those: Malted Oatmeal Pie ($9) with red wine poached apples and cinnamon chantily. Holy chantily, this was good.

And! Along with your dessert, order a half glass of Gritty McDuff's Black Fly Stout. So creamy, so perfect to pair with a nice pie or whatever sweet treat you have. 
This Chocolate Pudding Pie with Espresso Anglaise and Whipped Creme Fraiche ($9) wasn't quite as good as that oatmeal pie, but it paired oh so well with the Gritty's again.
Also, they will pick up discounted movie tickets for you for Kendall Square Cinema next door. That makes for a great date night.

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