The Top 8 Lobster Rolls in or Near Boston

It's lobster roll season! Halle-fucking-lujah! Here's my guide to Boston's best lobster roll options. I haven't by any means tried them all. It's a work in progress. Please feel free to add suggestions where I can get the perfect lobster roll experience.

8. Cisco Brewers (Gates B & E of Logan Airport):

I put this one on the list mainly because it's pretty awesome that you can get a lobster roll ($19.95) at the airport and without paying $23 or more at stupid Legal Seafoods no less, at the tiny Cisco Brewers kiosk-ish joint in Gate E where they only have a cold food menu. They still managed to griddle our buttered buns for great classic lobster rolls! Plenty of lobster meat, lightly mayo-ed and salted, served with a bit of plain cole slaw and Nantucket chips. They also have four beers on tap there. I had that Sankaty Island Light, which I loved, and my girlfriend enjoyed Cisco's Winter Warmer. Their chips and salsa also wasn't that bad for Boston.

7. Faith's Seafood Shack in Aquinnah: 

If you happen to take a little trip to the Vineyard, you may as well get some lobster rolls to accompany this view.

FYI, they don't have a restroom, but there's one across the way. They ask you to donate $.50, but it's an honors system slot.

Lobster rolls ($16) - Lots of romaine, good lobster, lightly toasted and moderately buttered roll, mayo, good stuff

6.  Kelly's Roast Beef (in Revere Beach, Natick/Framingham, and more):

 The good thing about this one is that it's available all year round and is still consistently fairly fresh. I could give two shits and a handclap about their roast beef sandwiches, but when you have a hankering for a lobster roll in January, find some excuse to make your way out to Natick.

5. Menemsha Fish Market:
It's a fun time here in general. The free samples they were giving out of lobster bisque and clam chowder were both really good.

 Take your food out to one of the little tables on the water.

Hot lobster roll ($20): Lots of butter here, and the hot lobster roll isn't usually my thing, but something about this one did it for me. Maybe it was that it was the freshest, sweetest lobster. Too bad they're pretty small.
4. Neptune Oyster

A tiny but too much pepper on it, and when I'm criticizing someone on the nuance, that's a good sign. Tons of lobster, nice amount of mayo. Great buttered, lightly toasted brioche hot dog bun. Their fries are too greasy for me. Ask for a side of the pistachio aioli to make up for it though.

3. James Hook:

Pure, fresh, lobster and mayo on well-buttered bun and that's it. Get the small since the large is on a stupid sub roll. It's a flawlessly executed simple lobster roll. 

They also have a crazy-awesome amount of condiments available.

2. Woodman's:

This one ($20) is a shit load of lobster with almost nothing else but some mayo and, I believe, miracle whip, which sweetens up the ocean fresh lobster. It's served on a boat of an also sweet potato bun. The sweetness sets this one apart. I highly recommending swimming, frolicking, reading etc.on the beach all morning, then coming here and pairing a 20 oz. Belfast Lobster Ale ($5.65) and this awesome lobster roll. 
Also the fries are thick and soft inside, crisp out. Skip the greasy clam cakes though.
And how cute

1. The Raw Bar:

Okay so my favorite lobster roll is $26, but you get what I believe is three (or four?) fucking pounds of fresh lobster with mayo. The one problem with this roll is that they use a large, unbuttered, untoasted bun. It's such a tragedy because if they got the bun right, it would be perfect.  I wish they had a bit more in the way of beer selection, but a Harpoon IPA ($4.50) will wash it down.
I've never had to use the phrase "too much lobster" before. My girlfriend couldn't finish hers. Unable to let a pound of lobster go to waste, I finished it, don't worry.  

Don't be alarmed when your poop is orange the next morning, that's just what lobsterful poop looks like.
Cisco Brew Pub on Urbanspoon Faith's Seafood Shack on Urbanspoon Kelly's Roast Beef on Urbanspoon Menenemsha cafe on Urbanspoon James Hook & Co Lobster on Urbanspoon Woodman's of Essex on Urbanspoon

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