Veggie Galaxy - Why does everyone like this place?

I love a good vegetarian restaurant. Veggie Galaxy isn't one. Look,  I get it. I wanted to like it too.

Mushroom Chickpea Burger Harvard Square 
The burger was enjoyable-ish but not something I'd ever order again. One step up from a properly cooked Dr. Praeger's burger. Perhaps the Black Bean Burger is better.

Red Cabbage Slaw and Baby Arugula - These sides were good.
Black Bean Burger Inman square - Nope. It was so bland, and what taste there was wasn't great.

They charged me $3 to sub in this platter of greasy, overcooked fries.

These looked beautiful but were barely cooked at all. They were the soggiest onion rings I've ever encountered.


Taza Chocolate Cake - Too sweet. I didn't get any of what I love about Taza chocolate (texture, or taste) from this.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake - Too sweet, like a sugary, child's peanut butter treat.

The Oreo Cheesecake comprised several chewy textures, which did not create a pleasant experience.

The Snickers Cheesecake was somewhat better but still just too sweet. 

If you insist on or are for to eat here, I suggest getting the Rachel (I tried a few bites of a friend's once) with red cabbage slaw as your side. If you have to do dessert, the Snickers Cheesecake was the least offensive.

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