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Warehouse Bar & Grille: Phantom Gourmet vs. Reality

I was so excited about the food here but immediately disappointed by the atmosphere. I supposed I knew it would be all bros and hos at Warehouse since it's in the Financial District, but I was hoping it wouldn't be quite so dark and loud.

Okay so, here's what the Phantom dildo guy says:

1. First, he acts incredulous that they have "get this, fried alligator bites."

-I'm sure that is rare here, but they're all over menus in Florida. And, to me, the alligator shit is cute as a novelty, but alligator basically tastes like chicken but has a more rubbery texture. Chicken is just better. I didn't bother trying them here, but someone let me know if you think they're amazing and actually melt in your mouth instead of being chewy.

2. The Fried Clam Chowder:

3. The Nachos

They look good because of the fresh jalapenos and the lack of olives, but I don't really care for potato chip nachos, and I'm sure the Cabot cheddar and bacon are nice enough, but …

Cutty's in Brookline

For a few months last year, every time I talked to my mom, she asked me if I'd eaten at Cutty's yet. She'd seen the Diners, Drive-ins and Dives episode, and thought I should run over immediately to try the Roast Beef 1000, which was also featured on Phantom Gourmet,

In conclusion, this is a really nice neighborhood sandwich shop. If you live in around here, you're lucky to have it. It's just not amazing like the TV shows make it seem. I had to disillusion my mother because whenever she comes up from Houston to visit me in Boston next, I'm not spending one of our meals on Cutty's. But, again, it's a nice little place if you don't have crazy expectations. Also I want to try their Sunday only fried chicken sandwiches.
There is a restroom down the hall; just ask.

Epic: Why?



We need to get there early for fresh pastries, not to mention a place at a table

Belize Airport Dining

Sun Garden and Restaurant - If you get to the airport an hour before the American Airlines people come back from their lunch break, you're kind of in luck because before security there is one restaurant, and it's the only real food in the entire airport. It was all pretty darn tasty. There's an outside patio too, if you're not completely sunburnt by theend ofyour trip.

San Pedro, Belize

My fiance had been telling me about the spicy pad thai at Rendezvous since I met her, and she'd been fantasizing about it since she first had it, more than three years ago. It was perhaps the thing she was most excited to come to Belize for. They make their own wines, and we tried the cabernet sauvignon, which was light and fruity, perfect for Belize. They serve some complimentary soft bread with softer butter and parsley.

Placencia, Belize

I'm not putting much work into this vacation food blogging. I just wanted to share the pictures handful of notes I took.
Maya Beach Hotel Bistro:

The food had its moments, but this place would've been out of business in the U.S. in no time with the mishandling of dishes here. Tourists like its super fun menu, the casual elegance of the place, and the difference from the rest of the restaurants on Placencia. But you'll get tastier food elsewhere.

The Green Parrot:

This is where my fiance and I stayed while we were on this island. They had complimentary breakfast (and there's hardly anywhere else to get breakfast on the island than where you're staying), and we tried lunch there once too.

Above Grounds:

Sweet Dreams Bakery and Cafe: