Bread & Chocolate Bakery: Go at least once more, maybe for lunch

Music was playing, and it was mostly pleasing and normal indie ish music like the Decemberists, but at one point the song "No One is Alone" from the musical Into the Woods happened! Someone awesome's iPod perhaps? That shit makes me happy.

Chocolate chunk cookie: tons of chocolate chunks, so good, soft
Butter croissant: fine

Kugelhopf Morning Bun: fun! Kind of like a popover donut muffin custard hybrid - with a hint of lemon! Also called a morning bun and carried at those horrible Starbucks places, my girlfriend was excited to find these Swedish buns so that she could pick one up in the future on her way to work for her Swedish coworker who likes to get the shitty Starbucks ones from time to time.

Points of for using Nespresso for their espresso here though, yikes.

They have other pastries and cookies, such as Korean Samoans, sticky bun bread pudding, football-sized brioche sticky buns, brioche cinnamon buns with a mountain of cream cheese frosting, promising looking banana bread, cakes, mini (but not small) apple pies, cupcakes, brownies, gluten free brownies, etc. plus roasted chickens, pot pies, prepared salads, pastas and soups, turkey meatloaf and more. Also a menu of seven sandwiches they make on their breads.

Can't wait to find out waht a Korean Samoan is

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