Maple & Motor: Unfinished Burger Business

The line snaked around and, of and on, went out the door when we got there on a Sunday in December at 1:30. There's a girl who masterfully manages the line, planning out how to most efficiently get a table suited to each party, almost magically pulling it off. Other skillful employees pile up orders and carry them to tables like long pupusas, the record I saw was 10 paper trays full of burgers and cheese tots on top of each other in one girl's arms.

Once you order your burger they ask, ""Pink or not pink?" It's a 70-30 blend of chuck and brisket here.

Cheeseburger with grilled onions and grilled jalapeños added

Does it live up to the DDD hype? Yes because even in the DDD video, he overcooks that beautiful meat! Guy was too polite to say anything. Tragically, oh so tragically, ours was medium instead of "pink." You have to get lucky on that front. Several burgers that passed us by were perfectly pink. It was a shame it wasn't rare-medium rare, but even still it was heavenly. It must've weighed 2.5 pounds. If it had been a spot on medium rare... oh oh oh. Either way, the shredded lettuce and pickle relish give it that perfect hint of McDonaldsiness. We're coming back one day to get our perfect burger. I'm thinking we come back at non-peak hours to make sure ours is cooked just right. I wrote this down in my notes about this place, but I don't remember exactly what the hell I was talking about: "thinking about melting burger to orgasm instead of thinking about my usual sex fantasies for maple and motor for instance."

Cheese and jalapeño fries: My girlfriend and I are whores for cheese sauce, so the cheddar which congeals so quickly was a bit of a disappointment, but the ranch was that perfect thick ranch. I'd skip the fries since the cheese conceals, or just get regular fries with ranch.

Perfect, golden brown onion rings

Fun Soda Choices - The canes sugar soda options include: Maine Root Mexicane Cola, Doc Sugar, Maine Root Pink Drink (something about cactus prickly pear somethin or other), and Mandarine Orange made in Texas somewhere, plus a regular sweet (it's sweet) tea and a jolly rancher sweet tea.

Right on.

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