Old Havana Cuban

Where Tacos el Charros used to be, we have a new Cuban place. This is about as down to earth as they come, and I love it.

Nice toasted garlic bread (soft inside!) for a complimentary starter

Plantains with cilantro sauce: Fresh made plantains with a tasty, if thin, lime juice cilantro sauce

Pork tamales: Soft! Still not as much meat or flavor as I'd like, but with the sauce from the mofongo or the cilantro sauce, they're great.

Pork mofongo: The mofongo itself is so rich and tasty, with pork crackling things in there, who knows what else, and then that dipping oil, oh! 
I wrote this note to myself, but an autocorrect has left me unsure what I meant: "Next time we'll get the tops video with creole sauce, per the very friendly waitress' suggestion."

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