Panza: I Have a New Favorite Italian/North End Place!

I really liked this place. It's casual enough in there without insisting on stupid shit like plastic wine cups. It feels homey and rustic in a non-affected way. The dishes are still somewhat hit or miss, but the hits are right on.

The bread and oil were nice.

You have to get the Wild Mushroom and Goat Cheese Spring Rolls with Honey Thyme Sauce ($7).

 Grilled Italian Greens Salad ($7) with escarole, radicchio, baby arugula, crispy polenta, gorgonzola sauce, balsamic drizzle: This was actually kind of boring and soggy - skip it.
Beef and Veal Tortellini ($16): Good not great
A friend got the Gnocchi Bolognese ($14) and I had one bite which was excellent and I will order that next time.

Garlic bread ($4): This was my favorite part. We saw/smelled it going by and decided we needed our own. Great on its own (crunchy with a little softness and buttery garlic perfection), it's absurdly good dipped in salad juice and my tortellini juice or any sauce you're enjoying. 

Eggplant Parm ($14): Nice. I even liked the marinara sauce fairly well, which is saying something for me.
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