The Painted Ass

I had been looking forward to The Painted Burro for so long.

Cucumber Margarita: good, but not $11 good
Passion Fruit Mojito: Really good

They also have a great draft beer selection.

Chips and Salsa: A good roasted salsa except it would be so much better if there were some fucking jalapeños in it. Still, it was the best I've had in Boston so far (which is like winning a spelling bee against 4th graders), and I realize that most New Englanders think bell peppers are spicy, but I wish restaurants around here would have two versions of salsa and ask customers hot or mild. If I were to come again, I would chop up a jalapeno at home, bring it in a little bag, and then mix it into the salsa, and have that with a couple of beers or mojitos.

Duck Tamal (It's uno tamal and dos tamales, by the way, which I had totally never thought about until I read the menu here) -$10: This was really good, mostly because of the dried fig, cranberry and apricot agridulce (bittersweet), which complemented the slow-cooked duck leg perfectly.

Pork Carnitas y Sos Salsas Enchiladas - $19: The red wine and cola mole was more vinegary than rich, but it was pretty good. The pork was just slightly dry. The tomatillo and cilantro bechamela was great. Ditto the tres quesos. Altogether pretty decent.

Chorizo de la Casa Taco - ground chorizo, a perfect sunny side up egg, potatoes and chipotle mayo on a corn tortilla, served with pork charro beans - $6.50 - very nice

Mexican Espresso Martini - El Tesoro Anejo, Espresso Liqueur, RumChata, and Chocolate Bitters - $12:  Strong, cinnamony, fund with the churros.

Burro Churros - $5: Tasty but neither the churros not the chocolate sauce are as good as at Toro 

I bet their brunch (Saturday 11-3, Sunday 10-3) is fun.

Here's the thing. The menu is super fun, the food is pretty good, and the drink menu is great, but it's expensive, crowded, dark and loud, and the food isn't quite as delicious as the menu. Also, order your dishes one, maybe two at a time because otherwise it'll all come it at once and you won't be able to manage all of it on your tiny table. The waiters are all rushed and that annoying kind of 26-year-old diva server.. oh I dunno, the point is it's not relaxing. I want one dish at a time and I don't want to feel like we need to hurry out because they need our table. It's foodie-mex and it feels like a restaurant that's more about tricking people into paying too much for cute sounding food than it is about passionate chefs who want to create a really nice dining experience and share their love of food.

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