Warehouse Bar & Grille: Phantom Gourmet vs. Reality

I was so excited about the food here but immediately disappointed by the atmosphere. I supposed I knew it would be all bros and hos at Warehouse since it's in the Financial District, but I was hoping it wouldn't be quite so dark and loud.


Okay so, here's what the Phantom dildo guy says:

1. First, he acts incredulous that they have "get this, fried alligator bites."

-I'm sure that is rare here, but they're all over menus in Florida. And, to me, the alligator shit is cute as a novelty, but alligator basically tastes like chicken but has a more rubbery texture. Chicken is just better. I didn't bother trying them here, but someone let me know if you think they're amazing and actually melt in your mouth instead of being chewy.

2. The Fried Clam Chowder:

Clam chowder: This is closer to a broccoli cheese soup, in a way. And then with fried clams and mashed potatoes. The fried clams on their own were awesome,  fresh and not too greasy. The mashed potato move is brilliant. This is easily the best clam chowder I've ever had, perhaps in part because I don't really like clam chowder all that much, but the whole thing is really delicious. A brilliant combination of delights.

3. The Nachos

They look good because of the fresh jalapenos and the lack of olives, but I don't really care for potato chip nachos, and I'm sure the Cabot cheddar and bacon are nice enough, but that kind of cheese will congeal and harden within two and a half minutes, so I really look for cheese sauce in my bar nachos.

4. The Ranch - "We have the best ranch dressing in the entire world." etc.

It really is great ranch. If not the best, then up there, though the scale of ranch goodness is probably only a range of like 1-6, with this being a 6. It's not like you need to make a trip to Boston to get this ranch. But if you're here, get some for your fries, which are good thick, soft but a tiny but crispy on the outside. They put it on their nachos, which does make me want to get the nachos next time because I do have a love affair with ranch. Maybe the next time I'm hungover and feel like going out to the financial district. Oh wait, that'll probably never happen.

5. The Burger - "The one at Warehouse had to be perfect."

We ordered it medium rare and it was cooked almost perfectly, but there was no flavor other than char. The bacon doesn't add or take anything away in this case, it's also flavor lacking, despite the enthusiasm for the bacon in the PG clip. Skip this.

6. I would like to try the cheeseburger ravioli and the pretzel roll reuben and the reuben eggrolls.

The Tuna Tacos, while not mentioned in the PG clip, were really good.

7. The Donuts - His grandmother's recipe from the early 20th century.

Warm Doughnuts served with coffee ice cream, chocolate drizzle, and a peanut butter dipping sauce - $8 - I thought the donuts were fine, nothing amazing. Coffee and peanut butter are two of my most favorite flavors, but they don't really go together, so it's kind of a weird choice. I wouldn't really recommend this, but maybe someone with a sweeter tooth than mine would be into it.
Conclusion: Go for the clam chowder, get some fries and ranch, enjoy some tuna tacos perhaps, let me know about the gator bites, and maybe poke around the menu. Indulge in the reuben egg rolls. I intend to. One day. Maybe.

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