Wegman's in Boston!

In case you don't understand why the new Wegman's in Chestnut Hill is exciting, allow me to illuminate you: it's basically Whole Foods' selection with Trader Joe's prices, plus little extra treats from its native land, Upstate NY. My fiance is an Upstater, so she's pointed out to me some of the things they've brought down to us.

Kummelweck rolls! They're kaiser rolls with a shit load of caraway on them (and there's supposed to be salt too, though it seems you have to add your own to these). These make kick ass sandwiches and burgers of any kind, but the traditional thing is another Rochester creation called the Beef on Weck.
Sahlen's Smokehouse Hot Dogs from Buffalo NY - They've gotta be the best packaged hot dogs I've ever had.

A Syracusian barbecue food, salt potatoes are a simple idea that you just probably wouldn't do if it weren't packaged for you. It's one pound of salt to four pounds of potatoes, traditionally, which is what you get in these bags. According to it's Wikipedia page: "As the potatoes cook, the salty water forms a crust on the skin and seals the potatoes so they never taste waterlogged, as ordinary boiled potatoes often do. The potatoes have a unique texture closer to fluffy baked potatoes, only creamier." My woman made us these, and I agree. Tip: try finishing them on the grill!

One of the coolest things about Wegman's is that they bring in products from all over the country and the world that you normally wouldn't be able to get anywhere else. May I present: Boiled. Fucking. Peanuts. For those of you who haven't made their acquaintance, in The South, when you're on a road trip, stopping for boiled peanuts is a treasured ritual. There's always some dude on the side of the road boiling peanuts. At fairs in The South they often even have several flavors to choose from. They are so good for us salt lovers. Some southerners even eat the shells, though I wouldn't make a big habit of it for digestive and caloric reasons. The can announces 600 calories to the can, but I think that's if you eat all the shells. 

They have lots of species of fresh fish.

Pretzel rolls! Among other things, which can be bought in any amount desired. You can often get Kummelweck rolls in this section too.

One section of their meat department, which includes Wagyu beef, veal rib chops, and wild boar racks

They keep a diverse selection of fruits.
One day I'll just buy one of these for fun.

They have many diverse sections of hot food, and everything I've tried so far has been quite good.

The donuts look good. I tried one of the peanut butter fry cakes. Good shit.

They have great key lime pie, lemon cheesecake, peanut butter chocolate cake, and lots more, which come in large and small (or in the case of the cakes, you can usually just buy one or two slices).
I have fallen in love with their cookies. You can buy them by weight, and they have a different selection every day of freshly baked treats. I'm absolutely addicted to the chocolate chip, the peanut butter chocolate chip, a version of both of those that's been dipped in chocolate, and a peanut butter cream moon pie-type thing.
In October, the cookies have gotten even better:
Peanut butter jelly cup, little pistachio cookie, chocolate peanut butter shortbread, almond burst, peanut butter jelly crumble bar, chocolate peanut butter bar

They have a coffee bar. The espresso is okay, that bitter, Italian kind. It works better in a latte or something than straight up.

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