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Addis Red Sea: Ruined by Scamminess

So here's the weird part. When they were handed their bill, I overheard the two women next to us being asked by their server, "Please give us cash, but if you have to do credit card, okay."

Which they thought was a weird way to put it.

When our server came up to us at the end, she was taking away our food and I had to ask if we could have it to go. Then she said, "Oh, you want to take? Okay. Please give me cash?"

Just like that.

Clearly they prefer cash, so my girlfriend, in an attempt to be helpful but not having the $42.50 plus tip in cash (she only had a $20), gave the $20 and the credit card to her, like maybe that would be better for them than putting it all on the credit card.

The woman said, "half and half?" like she thought we were splitting it, so I said, "Oh no, just, you know, take it off."

She smiled and said okay.

When she came back, she handed us the credit card to sign, smiling and saying, "Thank you very much. Have a go…

Canary Square - Decent Food and Drinks


Best Fast Food Burgers in Boston

Best Fast Food Burgers in Boston

I was afraid Four Burgers would be another b.good or even just like UBurger, but it's totally more. They have a lot of fun toppings, many of which are free. There are eight cheese options. They a few have tables outside, and inside there's a TV for sports, or at least the time I went they were using it for the World Cup, and all chairs were turned toward the game, with passionate fans. They sell beer there too; the place has a lot goin' on.

You can actually get a small fry ($1.75) instead of only being able to get that family-sized fries called "a side of fries" at many burger places. They're thin but all right, and it turned out a small fry is still ginormous, but at least the price was right. And I got a side of "burger sauce," which is McDonaldsy thousand island yumminess.

The first time you use Level Up here, you get a $3 credit. And the $5 for every $50.

The Salty Pig

One warning about this place is that you might want to avoid going between 2 and 5 when they don't do lunch or dinner but only have an interim menu of charcuterie boards and a few salads. Also the service was inattentive. We never got our waters refilled, and even after we had an elaborate conversation with our waitress about mostarda, she forgot we ordered it. Since she never came back, we never got to remind her.

At lunch time though, it was a different story. We enjoyed attentive, friendly service out on their sunny patio.

My New Favorite Rooftop Dining: The Sinclair

Their little complimentary appetizer is a dish of goldfish crackers.

When it started raining, we made our way downstairs and sat at a table with a friendly couple.

This may just go to show that the attitude you have at a place can make or break the whole experience. Perhaps it was because my sister was in town and the three of us were having a great time, but we did have a great time. We loved the roof, we loved the food, we even liked the cocktails, and we want to go back for more.

Island Creek Oyster House

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