Best Fast Food Burgers in Boston

Best Fast Food Burgers in Boston

I was afraid Four Burgers would be another b.good or even just like UBurger, but it's totally more. They have a lot of fun toppings, many of which are free. There are eight cheese options. They a few have tables outside, and inside there's a TV for sports, or at least the time I went they were using it for the World Cup, and all chairs were turned toward the game, with passionate fans. They sell beer there too; the place has a lot goin' on.

Burger, medium rare, with jalapeños and mayo and smoked gouda ($.75 extra): the burger patty is too thin for the bun, but they did successfully cook it medium rare; not bad, good toppings, couldn't taste the gouda on the burger though.

You can actually get a small fry ($1.75) instead of only being able to get that family-sized fries called "a side of fries" at many burger places. They're thin but all right, and it turned out a small fry is still ginormous, but at least the price was right. And I got a side of "burger sauce," which is McDonaldsy thousand island yumminess.

Sautéed mushroom, grilled onions, jalapeños and chipotle mayo medium rare burger on white bun: So good. Thicker than the first time and perfectly medium rare again.

Tater Tots: Not what you expect when you order tater tots, it's really creamy mashed potatoes in the middle, with a lightly crispy exterior, which would've been so good if it'd been a bit crunchier. I'm not sure there need to be scallions in the taters since they come with a bacon and scallion sour scream sauce, which itself was too scalliony for me. People who love those sour cream and onion dips would love this though. Adding some Cholula sauce really made it. In fact all the sauces are good with the Cholula, to this Texan at least.
Mango BBQ Sauce (rightmost): Really good! Very mango-y, and not too bbqy at all.
The leftmost sauce is more burger sauce, yum yum yum.

The first time you use Level Up here, you get a $3 credit. And the $5 for every $50.
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