Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Fast Food + Drinks and the Game: Four Burgers

I was afraid Four Burgers would be another b.good or even just like UBurger, but it's totally more. They have a lot of fun toppings, many of which are free. There are eight cheese options. They a few have tables outside, and inside there's a TV for sports, or at least the time I went they were using it for the World Cup, and all chairs were turned toward the game, with passionate fans. They sell beer there too; the place has a lot goin' on.

Burger, medium rare, with jalapeƱos and mayo and smoked gouda ($.75 extra): the burger patty is too thin for the bun, but they did successfully cook it medium rare; not bad, good toppings, couldn't taste the gouda on the burger though.

You can actually get a small fry ($1.75) instead of only being able to get that family-sized fries called "a side of fries" at many burger places. They're thin but all right, and it turned out a small fry is still ginormous, but at least the price was right. And I got a side of "burger sauce," which is McDonaldsy thousand island yumminess.

They have a small burger option now, so next time I think I'll get the regular burger but on a small bun.

The first time you use Level Up here, you get a $3 credit. And the $5 for every $50.
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