The Salty Pig

One warning about this place is that you might want to avoid going between 2 and 5 when they don't do lunch or dinner but only have an interim menu of charcuterie boards and a few salads. Also the service was inattentive. We never got our waters refilled, and even after we had an elaborate conversation with our waitress about mostarda, she forgot we ordered it. Since she never came back, we never got to remind her.

The boards were all great though.

Great Market Squash Salad ($9)

And I really enjoyed the restroom.

At lunch time though, it was a different story. We enjoyed attentive, friendly service out on their sunny patio.

Smoked beef tongue with grains of paradise: fun
Valdeon (blue, cow and goat, bold and spicy): actually could taste spice, very nice, not too overpowering
Rhubarb mostarda: very nice
Chicken liver mousse: really good!!
Jalapeño jelly: so good

Corned Beef Tongue Reuben, split in half: So good! Perfectly toasted, the cheese all melty, great flavors, especially when I added some of the jalapeno jelly, yum yum yum yum yum

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