Beasley's Chicken & Honey

I was concerned when Shana said she wanted to eat what would be the last meal of our Research Triangle trip at Beasley's Chicken & Honey, as it's another one of Ashley Christensen's restaurants. We haven't been to her award-winning Poole's Diner yet, but her Chuck's burger restaurant was a real let down.

The Beasley's servers were all very friendly. All the seating here is stools, whether at the bar or the tables. They have local beers, a wine nice selection, bourbons, fun cocktails, and a cute bar snacks menu you shouldn't ignore.

Chicken Biscuit ($6.75) - with pickled green tomato and Dijon honey: Perfectly fried chicken and a perfect biscuit. It's just my personal preference, but I think that I'd've taken mayo or honey or pimento cheese instead of the Dijon honey. Next time. Still, it was excellent.
Quarter Fried Chicken ($7.5): Again, perfectly Southern fried chicken, with this perfect crunchy honeyed coating. Holy fuck, I've never had better fried chicken in a restaurant.

Ashe County Cheddar Pimento Mac and Cheese Custard ($3.50): Just look at that. Oh dear. Custard? Jesus. A little heat, delightful pimento flavor, tons of melty cheese.

Creamed Collard Greens ($3.50) - Best collards I've ever have (though maybe if more people were doing them creamy there's be more competition).

Beasley's was miles, no, light years better than Chuck's.

I also didn't realize Joule Coffee was also hers, which may be my favorite coffee shop ever, though it's so much more than a coffee shop I'm not sure that's a fair fight. Also, I'll give her this, that girl can name a restaurant.

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