Bronwyn - Best Brunch in Boston

Brunch at benches in the sun (or the shade for those of you) at a place with an interesting menu and, better still, incredibly delicious food, all for reasonable prices.

Beef tongue pastrami, swiss and a horseradish aioli (that should be served with every meal the world has to offer) sandwich ($10) with a cocoa-pumpernickel bretzel that makes me want to marry someone. One of the best things I've eaten in a while. The pickled eggs were adorable.

Pig's Head Scrapple with fried eggs on an oat honey challah, with brotkartoffeln potatoes ($11): Every part of this was delicious. Where else can you even get scrapple this far north?
Front: Kraut-aretto sauer: Fun, but too sweet for me
Bar Blume: Fun and interesting

Front: Sieben (#7) Citadelle Gin, Cocchi Americano, Casoni 1810 Apertivo, Grapefruit, Sparkling Riesling $11 - Different
Back: Drei (#3) Zu Bisongrass Vodka, Art in the Age Rhubarb Tea, Bärenjäger, Grapefruit, Schöfferhofer $10 - Nice

Dinner is fun too. They have a fun draft beer selection because they're German and Austrian and shit.

The brot basket is so good because of the lemon caraway butter and the warm soft poppyseed-covered bread. Oat-honey challah, seeded roggenbrot, buckwheat-currant roll, lemon-caraway butter ($5) 

2 sausages, potatoes, sauerkraut, haus mustard
Cotechino pig skin, cinnamon, clove
Currywurst pork, veal, curry
The mini wurst platter was good mostly because of the crumbly cotechino.

Pierogis ($11) - Really good
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