Flour Bakery

My initial experience at Flour was delightful, when I uncharacteristically ordered a chocolate macaroon and a jasmine green tea and found them to be a magical pairing. 

Dark Chocolate Macaroon

Their tea, even if you get a small, comes in a nice little pot.

And when you go in you see the pastry chef and owner, Joanne Chang, has cookbooks and that they sell all kinds of good looking goodies here, from sandwiches, salads and soups to bread, homemade biscotti, shortbread and stuff like that to take away, and desserts and pastries of all kinds. Also Joanne Chang is the Chang half of Myers + Chang, one of my favorite restaurants in the Boston area. I was excited to try it all. I've now sampled a huge chunk of Flour's food.

Craquelin - an almond croissant with an orange Marmalade: Quite good, except I don't really like marmalade
Espresso: 8/10

Twice Baked Brioche: Good, not amazing

Americano: You know how at some places, when you order an americano the water they use is so hot it takes like 10 minutes to be able to drink it? This is one of those. Next time I need to remember to ask them to just go light on the water, which I prefer anyway ratio-wise and should also help with this issue.

Currant Spelt Oat Scone: Not bad, nowhere near Canto but not as bad as most cafe's horrible scones.

Sticky Bun: Chang won a throwdown with Bobby Flay with this sticky bun. It's tasty but too sweet. I guess a lot of people are into that.

Sugar Bun Brioche: Good enough I guess but too plain for me

Blueberry Muffin: Big, sweet, good, certainly better than some packaged shit, but it doesn't transcend muffin-dom.

Chunk Lola Cooke ($2) - an oatmeal dark chocolate pecan coconut cookie: Good! Only one and a half notches below Canto. It's just not quite soft enough, which probably means not enough butter.

(Half size) roasted lamb, tomato chutney and goat cheese sandwich (also a few greens): maybe I should've paid the extra $.50 to have them grill the bread as it might've pressed down the thick slices to a more reasonable dimension. I had to take off half the roasted lamb to taste the other ingredients. I'm not a big fan of cold roasted lamb, it turns out, but the tomato chutney was nice. Also the bread itself is good, thick, soft and sweet. It just didn't make for proper sandwich construction.
I finally came back to my chocolate macaroon and jasmine tea, just as good as ever.
The breakfast line can be long every day, but it moves fast, and there's still usually a table and of nothing else definitely a stool. They have LevelUp but there's no discount (it's still easier than tipping with credit card receipt).

Anyway, I dunno. Have I just missed all the really good stuff here? I do want to try the summer soup, the Spanish Gazpacho, and maybe some bread to go. Let me know if there's anything here that's particularly good.

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