Katz's Houston - Guess Whether it's the Same

It's like if the good people of Denny's brought you a Jewish Deli and named it after a Manhattan institution. I find it confusing, insane and sad to know that the owner is related (the grandson, I think) to the original Katz's owner.

The menu is a Texas-sized diner/deli clusterfuck. The four beers they have on tap are Brooklyn Lager, the Brooklyn seasonal, St. Arnold seasonal and Bud Light.

Nosh Basket: An assortment of fried something-or-others-who-cares-it's-not-like-you-can-taste-them-under-all-that-breading-anyways.

The Pastrami Reuben (pictured) was okay, but more like you tried to make one at home, nothing whatsoever like Katz's or any other good delis. Unlike at the real Katz's, there's no authentic pastrami sandwich option with just untoasted bread that yields right into the thick, melt-in-your-mouth, hand-carved pastrami complimented with mustard, here you're given a monstrosity of toasted bread, swiss, sauerkraut and Russian dressing. Blech.
The Corned Beef Reuben was just plain bad, with touch, rubbery meat.

This place is a joke.

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