Scratch - Favorite Durham Bakery

Places named Scratch something usually make for awesome bakeries, it seems. Sweet, savory, indulgent breakfasts and pastries, fresh everything, ristretto espresso, some tables outside... what more could I possibly want in a cafe?

Fried Duck Egg Sandwich (Subbed onto a Biscuit): Next time I'd ask for an over easy egg, but I loved the size of this breakfast on the smaller biscuit option. The bacon jam was delicious on this concoction.

Biscuit Benedict (with sausage instead of ham): This was so good, with the best tomatoes I've had in a long time, lots of yummy hollandaise, and fresh herbs, oh ho ho ho ho.

The Spanish Tortilla was oozing with cheese, the Tomato Pie looks amazing, if you think that Lemon Chess Cake looks good you should see the Key Lime Pie and the Blueberry Crumb Cake... Oh dear...

I can't wait to come back and try these crostada. Mmm...

Chocolate Donut Muffin: Really good, with, I believe, a little anise in there to accent the sweet sugar and chocolate

Espresso: ristretto! 9/10

Iced Americano: One ristretto shot added to water then topped with ice. This was good, but I actually Americanos better with just two regular shots over ice, it seems. They told my fiance they couldn't do iced espresso, only an iced Americano. I'm not sure what that means: They couldn't get a cup of ice and pour espresso over it? I think what they meant was they wouldn't do that because they don't believe in watering down ristretto shots like that. Or else my fiance and the girl had a miscommunication. Maybe I'm confused about this whole thing. If anyone understands, please tell me.
What a nice idea to sell fresh tomato juice! And rosemary-infused iced coffee!

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