Taqueria La Vaquita - Durham, NC

Want some real tacos or tamales? They're so close.

Tacos al Pastor plate - Perfect Mexican tacos with homemade corn tortillas, lots of cilantro and chopped raw onion and rich pork, great refried beans 

Lengua Tacos - even better than the pastor

Hot sauce. It's really hot. The red one especially is to be respected.

It's an unassuming little taco shack with some benches, and they have a little produce mart next door.

This tamal would turn out to be one of the top three tamales I've ever had. There's a ton of good filling in there, and the masa itself is so flavorful. 

You can also get authentic, delicious, cheap, real Mexican food at the Tacos Movil Jr. food truck. Now go out and support these great places!

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