Only for the Burger - Eastern Standard

Make sure there's not a goddamn fucking game that day (or be in the area for it and thus be prepared for the parking rape), and you can have yourself a real good meal at Eastern Standard. If, that is, you stick to the burger.

Standard Burger - $13: It was perfectly cooked, like weirdly perfect. The entire thing was evenly perfectly medium rare. The bun really is lighter and airier than most brioche, which was a huge plus. You can feel in your hands that this will be a good burger. I added a little salt and pepper, and then it really is an A burger. You can and should come just for it when a good opportunity or craving arises.

Fries: Even though they're shoestring, they're still a little potato-y and some were soft like I like 'em, some were crisp like the rest of you like 'em.
They brought me an aioli for my fries. It was good.

Sweet bread with butter comes out; it's fine.

Chicken liver and foie gras mousse - $13: Shana doesn't like chicken liver, we finally established, and really it's not my favorite either. Or maybe it's just a little funkier here; maybe a little higher foie gras to chicken liver ration would've helped. The little peach, pecan and celery part was nice.

Rare tuna nicoise salad - $16: The description on the menu says, "Olive tapenade, deviled egg, haricots vert." It's funny to me no one's told them they need an "s" on "vert." But anyway, the tuna was almost flavorless, and the egg didn't seem to actually be deviled, but rather just a boiled egg cut in half with a sprinkle of chives. Huh.

The menu is pretty boring anyway. Just get that burger.

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