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European Snacks

I was recently in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, and Prague. I like to go into stores in other countries and see what kinds of different flavors and products they have. I don't think it matters much for me to tell you where various things came from since it seemed pretty consistent over these areas.


Glenville Stops - The Most Adorable, Perfect Neighborhood Gastropub

If only I lived in Allston.. is a sentence I don't say all that often, but I said it yesterday when I ate dinner and glugged a pint London Fuller's Pride (on tap!) at Glenville Stops. the place is so cute, with a long bar wrapping the bar, another bar along the wall, and lots of tables. It's kind of coffee shop-like.

Best Cider Donuts around Boston

Honey Pot Hill Orchards


Neptune Oyster

What can I say about Neptune Oyster that hasn't already been said? Probably nothing, so this review is really just a way for me to remember what I've had for future purposes.

Long wait even at 2:30 on a Thursday
Warm bread served


I'm not spending any more time than I feel like putting my thoughts and notes and whatnot to this, but I did want to put these pictures somewhere. I still find the menus interesting, and maybe someone else out there will find this useful or fun too.