Best Thai in Boston - Bangkok Bistro

At least of all the places I've been, Bangkok Bistro is the best Thai restaurant in Boston.

Roti ($6.95): This is the shit. Perfectly spicy curry with great beef (not sketchy at all), deliciously fried roti (not too oily)

Drunken Noodle ($7.95 at Lunch or $10.95 for Dinner, as above): Addictive, perfectly spicy (at our house we're big fans of the dishes here with two chili peppers next to them), and all fresh ingredients

Spicy Eggplant ($11.95): I loved the minced chicken and the rich broth and all the vegetables, so fucking good, perfectly spicy

Wild Wild Wild with Duck ($8.95 for Lunch, $14.95 for Dinner, with Duck):
Excellent duck, perfect spicy level, delicious, also this is just maybe a third of the takeout portion. 

For some reason, I can't find this on the menu online. Maybe it's only on the one in the restaurant. It's noodles, crispy noodles, mushrooms, chicken and there would be scallions but my friend who ordered this didn't want them. It's the kind of thing that I'd probably never have gotten around to ordering but was so good. First of all, it was enormous. You could easily have at least four meals out of it. And it was so rich and juicy. Especially if you had the scallions in there, damn. Snap. Mm. I only got to have like two bites, and now I want to go back and get this for myself. 

The menu is long, with all the combinations you could want, many adorably named (Duck Bistro, Sea World, One Night in Bangkok, Double Feature, etc.)

I'm just gonna go ahead and say it. This is the best Thai I've ever had.

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Thai Chicken Wings ($6.95): Good, but nothing crazy special

Duck Bistro: Good, but not as amazing as the Wild Wild Wild with Duck

Indonesian Fried Rice ($11.95 for this dinner portion; $8.95 for lunch): Tasty, but too much meat (I can't believe I'm using this phrase) for a fried rice dish because it makes it its own meal but doesn't really have any vegetables to speak of, and it's hard to properly share because of the one fried egg and the one skewer. If you get it, get it as your own meal and see if they'll let you order a side of broccoli or somethin'.

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